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    why using the target-option? this isn't html5-compatible


      after set a link (mouse-click), Edge place the following script (example):


      window.open("http://www.be-sign.net.net/5, "_self");


      the problem is the target-parameter "_self", who isn't supportet in html5!

      but without, the link doesnt work correct. the goal is to see the target-page in the same window/tab as the animation is shown.


      i have testet the following cases:


      • without "_self" (generally without the target-parameter), the clicked link will appear in a new window/tab. its as well as using "_blank"
      • with "_self" (default at Edge), the clicked link will appear inside the animation and show with scroll-bars, because the target-page is bigger than the animation.
      • with "_top", the clicked link will appear in the same window. thats pretty good! but (see above): this parameter will not supported in the comming final html5.


      so this will be no long-term solution...

      are there other options to control the target of a Edge-link?