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    Photoshopp CC broke bold shortcut for Helvetica Neue - How do I fix this?


      After upgrading from 5.5 to CC, Photoshop no longer displays the expected behavior for the Shift+CMD+B Bold toggle shortcut. I've noticed this particularly on Helvetica Neue, which is a font with many many weights.


      When using Helvetica Neue with the shortcut, Regular text changes to Condensed Black. Toggling in the other direction, where the desired result would make bold text regular, results in bold text becoming Medium, not regular.


      I'm using the system suppied version of Helvetica Neue (I'm currently running Mac OSX Mountain Lion). This is a system font, so I can't disable it or even just portions of it.


      Thoughts for fixing this, short of getting a new version of Helvetica Neue that the OS is not dependent on?