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    How to queue multiple clips?




      I am trying to Queue multiple clips from Adobe Premier Pro to Adobe Media Encoder. Is there a faster way to Queue multiple clips than having having to select each one individually and then clicking on FILE > EXPORT > MEDIA > QUEUE ?


      Please advise.


      Thank you!




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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          You can queue multiple sequences to AME by dragging and dropping from PPRO's Project panel to AME's Queue, or to a preset or user preset group in the Preset Browser. However, that workflow does not work for clips.

          One method that might work for you is to import the clips into AME


          The best news is that the impending update will give you exactly what you're asking for. From the Other New Features section of this blog post: "Multiple clips and sequences can be sent to Adobe Media Encoder at once"

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            turbocat8 Level 1

            Hi Mark,


            Thank you very much for your reply. I have the clips in Premier Pro and

            have made the necessary edits to them (I do not need to convert them to

            sequences). However, even with the updated version of Premier Pro (just

            updated it), I am not able to figure out how to send these clips to Media

            Encoder. I tried dragging and dropping them but that didn't work. And when

            I select all the clips and try to click on EXPORT, the EXPORT option is

            greyed out. Any suggestions?


            Thanks once again for your prompt response.



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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              The new feature supporting export of multiple clips or sequences is not out yet. It's coming in an update to be released soon. And I'm afraid it will take an additional set of steps per clip in your case because the Source Range setting defaults to Entire Clip. To  encode only the trimmed range, you'll need to open the Export Settings dialog from AME's queue and set Source Range to Clip In/Out.

              As I noted, the drag and drop workflow serves only for sequences, not clips.

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                turbocat8 Level 1

                Oh I see. I thought it had already been released. I don't think I will have to take the extra step since my project only involves modifying the audio channels. I don't need to trim any clips at all. So hopefully with the update I should be able to just send all the clips to ME after modifying the audio channels. Thanks for assistance. I really appreciate it!




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