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    focusOut Event not occurring for a TextInput when HSlider track is clicked

    Haleh2 Level 1

      I have a TextInput component that is set to call a custom validation function on a focusOut event. This works most of the time, EXCEPT when I click the track of an HSlider component that is on the same page (trackclick is enabled). In that case, the event doesn't get fired, my function isn't called, the input isn't validated...all bad.

      I need a way for the text input to recognize that it has lost focus when this happens--is there an event I can dispatch to do this? Or I suppose I could bind every textInput on the page to every slider on the page to do something on a change event, but that seems like overkill...

      An example where this occurs is in the simple tip calculator on the Flex Examples site:
      If click on the textInput field so that it has focus, and then click on the slider bar TRACK, the field still has focus.

      Any ideas/thoughts are appreciated