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    How do I edit and then export so as to retain my GPS data?


      Im shooting Nikon D5100 and D3200 Cameras with Nikon GP1 GPS receivers. Im shooting jpg FINE and LARGE. I can import, batch and/or individual edit, rename, number ect. and then able export but after I export my images my GPS data is gone. Im running an iMac with the latest OS and LR 5.2 64bit


      I do not do anything else with LR except as follows:


      I import directly from a desk top file folder and export to a new seperate file folder within the original folder. I DO NOT keep any images "in" light room at all and do not "auto import" or anything else. I remove all pics from LR after I have exported them then import the next batch of pics. I have my own filing and storage system of doing things do dont need those functions.



      Im just using LR to straighten & crop and do basis exposure, contrast, and sharpening my pics thats it. I have a few presets for batching which is great. Im running hundreds of pics at time with no issues and Im also able to tweak large tiff files. All very simple editing and LR paid for itself after my very first use.



      I am re-naming and numbering my pics and then exporting them. Nothing fancy here. As mentioned I remove the imported pics from LR when Im done editing and exporting them and then import the next batch. Its great. All very simple editing and re-naming. 



      I need to be able to do all of this editing and keep the GPS data that was recorded on the pics on the camera with the GP1. Any help with an answer on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.