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    Automating CSS Sprite exporting function.


      Using Fireworks CS6.  i have a page of 'glyph' black icons i want to re-colour to themes used in my website.  i have multiple themes, and around 30 colours to re-colour and process.  I have written a script to do this, which is working fine. there is a pastie of this jsf here



      What I can't get working is the automatic saving of the sprite CSS / PNG file. When I record the macro it issues the fw.exportDocumentAs(null, null, null); command when I save as CSS sprite.



      This has a parameter of an exportOptions object but I can't see where the CSS options are in this parameter list.


      This is the screen i use to manually export the CSS -sprites:

      Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 10.24.15 pm.png

      So any tricks on automating this step of the process?  It would be nice just to press a button and have all this work done.

      Thanks for reading...