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    Looking for a new toy to help your editing workflow?  Try this!

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 1

      I recently ditched my simple 2-button + scroll wheel mouse for a mouse on steroids: the Logitech G700.  What a difference!  It has 11 customizable functions that can be automatically activated depending on the program you're in!  So you can have a completely unique set of functions for Premiere, Photoshop, AE, Windows, etc, and each set will automatically/instantly be activated whenever that specific program/interface is the active one!


      Here are my 2 layouts to give you some ideas:

      Premiere Pro Layout:

      Logitech G700 Mouse.jpg

      Windows Layout:

      Logitech G700 Mouse (Windows profile).jpg


      You can even assign multi-step macros to keys.  For example, I set one of the keys to: Deselect clips + Add Default Video Transition.  So now, a single keypress will always apply my default video transition to the CTI, even if any clips were selected, just the way it worked in CS6 and I wanted it to keep working in CC!


      If you're looking for a simple inexpensive way to improve your editing work, I highly recommend getting a programmable mouse like this one!  If anyone has any other hardware devices that help their workflow, please share so that we can all benefit from the knowledge.