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    Can I add  a second account to Adobe Digital Editions


      I have two adobe reader accounts. One for my family one for personnel use. The computer has my personnel account on it. I want to add the family account to add books to my wifes nook. Can not seem to find out how to do that

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          Rave Adobe Employee

          Hi manobird,


          If you used one ID to install ADE, you cannot download an ebook from a site into ADE if you used a different ID.  That's the way the Digital

          Millenium Copyright Act of 2000 was implemented to prevent unauthorized copying of ematerials.  ADE tells you that in its HELP section.  You can't add a second ID to ADE either, for the same reason.


          What you CAN do is to change users, and authorize ADE with the same ID you used when you downloaded the ebook.  You do this by bringing ADE up, then using the CNTLSHIFTD key combination, you will deauthorize ADE.  Close ADE and reopen it, and ADE should ask you to authorize it.  At this point, you can enter the second ID, and ADE will take off from there.  BUT, keep in mind that any other ebooks you downloaded into ADE with the first ID will not be accessible until you go through the same process again and revert to the first ID.


          Hope this helps!