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    Component Panel ( Design mode) loosing custom components

    yoav@cyteam.com Level 1
      Wonder if anyone else encounter this phenomenon?
      After placing custom Flash components ( compiled intoa SWC file) in the project's <Libs> directory, they are available and working in Source mode, but you can't see them in the custom Folder (In the Design Mode). Only after closing and opening the project they appear.
      However, they keep disappearing ( randomly) from the folder, and only after Open/Close project they reappear. Other custom components such as MXML modules behave ok.
      As far as the application these components work fine and are recognized by the compiler.
      I'm using Stand Alone, FB3 version 1201207; on WXP Sp2.
      ( Reported this as a bug http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-11554 )
      Did anyone else experienced this (similar) behavior ?
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          Same problem here. Except I have even less luck getting it to consistently appear than you. Sometimes it works great, other times they vanish and nothing I can do to get them to return. MXML modules seem fine.. it's just with the Flash SWC files. Plus sometimes I have no visual indication in design view of the Flash module on my canvas, and other times it displays. (This is with no changes to the SWC file at all). But it always runs okay.