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    Issues and hangs in 7.0.1

    Jack Banatoni Level 1

      I really like the new design of Premiere Pro CC, the added features are great.  Since updating to 7.0.1, I've been encountering these issues:


      - Exporting to AME can take several minutes now, whereas it used to be instant.

      - Duplicating a sequence takes several seconds to process now, whereas it used to be instant.

      - Sometimes AME hangs and does nothing once the project starts encoding (but video will work through "export" option directly through Premiere).

      - The rolling edit tool is glitchy, especially when shifting audio-only of an audio/video clip that has transitions.

      - When scaling down 16:9 HD footage to a 4:3 SD timeline, instead of appearing letterboxed, the top and bottom pixels repeat to the edge of the frame (interestingly, I'm also getting this issue in CS6).

      - Saving presets that involve the new multiband compressor always crash.

      - A bug from CS6 still exists.  Occasionally, the cursor won't change from the standard arrow cursor to, say, the trim cursor.  The solution is to close the sequence and re-open it.


      Yes, I will be submitting this to the bug form.  Just curious if anyone else if encountering these issues.  The last few versions of Premiere have been amazingly stable for me, so I'm hoping the regular updates through CC don't eventually lead to an unstable program.  New features are cool, but stability is key in a deadline-driven industry.


      I'm encountering this on both systems I use.



      GTX 560 Ti

      16GB RAM

      Win 7 pro, 64bit



      GTX 660 Ti

      16GB RAM

      Win 7 pro, 64bit




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The repeating pixels is likely caused by your nVidia driver.  The anomaly does not occur with the older 314 driver.  I don't know if it's been corrected with the newest 331 driver.


          I've not seen any reports with Compressor presets, but it may be that not many people are saving the effect as a preset.


          The rest of the issues aren't normal, something is definitely glitchy on your system.