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    Parenting cineware layers to a null?

    Art(sic) Level 1



      The parent pickwhip and toggle is unavailable for cineware layers.  I am trying to comp a c4d cineware layer into a motion tracked (not 3d solved shot, it's a simple left to right pan).  How do I parent the cineware layers (multi-pass) to the null containing the tracking data?


      I have tried pre-comping the CW layers, but I cannot find a satisfactory transfer mode or track matte.


      I have tried copy-paste of position key frames to cineware layers, but I receive an error message (cineware layers must be same size, etc.)


      Also, tried to 3d camera track the shot (the usual work flow for comping c4d into AE) but "Analysis Failed" due to the fact that the shot is just a pan and does not create any paralax.


      Anyone have any ideas or experience with this?