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    Why do my PS video transitions have poor quality on playback?

    Bufftom Level 1

      I've created a slide show using layers and have created a video group. This turns the layers into clips in the timeline.


      I've added a cross-fade transition between each clip in the timeline.


      Everything plays back nicely in PS.


      When I export to mp4 and play it back in Quicktime, no matter what the magnification, the transitions look horrible. Even if I freeze frame on one it's horribly pixelated. I've tried different export options with the same results. Something appears to be happening during rendering the transitions, as if PS doesn't know how to create them.


      I export to:


      Adobe Media Encoder


      High Quality

      1920 x 1080 (same as my file)

      Frame Rate 30 fps

      Field Order: Preset (Progressive)

      Range = All Frames


      My stats are:

      PS CS6

      iMac 27"


      800 gigs free space

      12 gigs ram 8 free