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    ColdFusion MX 7 migration


      Our old server's Hard disk failed and we want to migrate coldfusion to the another server.

      Can anyone please let me know how to migrate all the sites and datasources to the another server. (How to migrate all the coldfusion data to the new server?).

      WE have HELM control panel, we can create domains in IIS but how to migrate coldfusion related data?
      I thank you all in advance for your support :)

      Sanjay Santoki
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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          To be on the safe side, I would let the new server have the same version of Coldfusion as before. I would use the same settings for the Coldfusion Administrator as before. The files are then copied to the new server, while maintaining the same directory structure. I have assumed you have a copy of the Coldfusion code.