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    PS Elements 9 - layers pallete no longer working

    SusanRom1 Level 1

      Tried to do my usual layering but the usual drop-down of choices -- ie., Normal, Exclusion, Color Dodge, etc. no longer shows up.  Also, the little lock icon appears.  Have lots of images that I have worked on before using layerin in PS Elements 9. 


      Any ideas what I can do?



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          27Prac Level 3

          Resetting editor preferences should fix your problem. Try below steps:


          1. Close Elements.

          2. Launch the Photoshop Elements Welcome Screen and hold down ctrl + alt + shift as you click Editor.

          3. Continue to hold the keys until you see a message box asking if you want to delete Photoshop Elements settings file; click Yes. Elements will open with default preferences.