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    PS CS-5 Extended - Can it ever support Canon 70D?


      I have photoshop CS-5 extended (12.04x64) and just got a Canon EOS 70D.  I downloaded the DNG converter 8 so that does convert the Raw files but isn't really that handy.  I see that RAW 8 does handle the 70D but isn't compatable for downloading with CS-5.  Will there ever be a download that will allow the raw files from the Canon 70D to be used immediately with my CS-5 photoshop?  Or am I missing it as the sites are pretty hard to navigate.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There will be no more updates for CS5. It's old technology, it has been put on the shelf as far as Adobe is concerned. You will either have to move to Photoshop CC or CS6, or Photoshop Elements, or integrate Lightroom into your workflow. You might not consider converting to DNG convenient. But there seems to be a lot of people who do it routinely even if Camera Raw supports their camera. I'm not one of them.