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    Combine photoshop with illustrator PLEASE


      Yes i could open illustrator and bring art in photoshop. But that's very annoying there are things that i like about photoshop and there are that i like about illustrator so my opinion is to make a new version that have both this way it won't offend people who dont like what i like.



      -line tool is bad.

      -Lacks much of the basic vector tools, which most are available in illustrator. (line width change, pen pressure dependent, smooth)

      -choosing color is much easier than illustrator. More sensible

      -You can more easily draw gradients on shapes.



      -make lines that are trully art of work.

      -merge, combine seperate shapes just by overlaying them.


      Basically, most tools in PS are great but it lacks a lot in vector area. I also like transform tool. I want all capabilities of illustrator on top of photoshop's but with some improvements at illustrator side. So i don't want adobe to bring bad things about illustrator in photoshop and break it.


      Selecting color should be easier than it's in illustrator.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          This is a user to user Forum, so you are not really addressing Adobe here, even though some Adobe employees thankfully have been dropping by.


          The proper place for feature requests is



          And personally I oppose your (edited) request.

          Apart form the principal differences of the applications’ approaches the Illustrator team does in my opinion have a bad track record with bug fixing (which may be more about management’s distribution of resources than about the team members’ capabilities or ambitions) and Illustrator’s path handling is in some regards inferior* to Photoshop’s so better to keep that away from Photoshop.


          Edit: Admittedly bug fixing for Photoshop may also be below many users’ expectations, though.


          *) The adjectives I would like to employ to describe just how inferior would be inopportune on this Forum.

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            techsin Level 1

            that's why i am saying keep it in 3 states. 1) ps 2)Ai 3)Ai+Ps.

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              The way I, as a layperson, see it apart from the challenges of merging two programms with so vastly different approaches that would (even if code from both of them could actually be maintained in the third, new application) in all likelyhood increase testing and maintenance requirements remarkably without actually providing new features.