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    Stretching the length of an entire composition, not layers

    RealAnise Level 1

      This is probably one of those questions where the answer will be embarassingly obvious, but I really HAVE tried to find it@!!


      I need to time-stretch a whole comp. It's based on a Video blocks template, but for the purposes of this particular piece, I don't need to stretch the template itself, individual layers/clips/avi files, etc... The entire composition is moving about four times faster than it really needs to. Nothing needs to be individually adjusted; it's an "overall" issue-- I just need to stretch the 15 second time uniformly to one minute. For some reason, I'm having a lot of trouble finding out how to do this. Changing the duration/ time stretch has just created a sixty second video with fifteen seconds at the same speed and then forty-five seconds of black. There HAS to be a simple way to do this...


      All advice appreciated!