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    Creating forms having problem with speed

    Mz Creative Level 1

      OK maybe this jsut isn't possible.


      In am creating a form from a .doc file It is a physicians patient management form. First, this thing isn't small. it's 22 pages and ubelievably large amounts of entry fields.


      I had to do a bunhc, but one data set bothered me so i left it for last.... now.. yuck.


      This is simply a table. on the left is a column for dates. ech row is a new date. each column is a different item. In the boxes there is a plus or minus sign on the doc. So i figured the best replacement would be a radio group. 2 each for each entry.


      Here's the problem. That's 14 columns and 20 rows. ech column has two radio buttons. so we're talking 560 buttons. I'm not even half way through and it's slowing down so bad I am constantly crashing and can't manage this. I have in the neighborhood of 250. now, the only logical way i could figure to do this quickly was to make a set. I can't use a default size because the form is oddly built. i have to use very smal radio buttons. Instead of plus minus I'm coloring them red/green. I created two buttons, so one group. but i can't figure out how to duplicate and increment that set. i tried holding the control button when copying then hitting the '+' key but it did not increment. it left two new radio buttons in the same group. couldn't figure out wht to do so i just built it all off that one set of buttons, and am trying to go back in and rename each set to make them unique. but it is SO slow and unmangeable I can't get through it. not even half way and it take around 45 seconds to 1 minute to complete the copying, another 30 to 45 seconds to bring up the property box (PER BUTTON) and then another 20 seconds to finish when i manually increment the groups.


      there has to be a better way than this. can anyone give me a recommendation? i'm attaching a pic of some of the fields so you can see what i was trying to do but this just isn't going to work. i even extracted just this page from the worksheet, and it doesn't make a diff. there are so many buttons it's killing it. But this can;'t be that unusual, i could do this in 10 minutes in html. there has to be a good way to do it with a pdf?


      any help is greatly appreciatedee.png