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    I need help about colors in premiere pro.


      I need some help about colors information in general.




      I made this video in after effects and exported in png sequence 16 bit color.

      I then imported it in premiere pro and added audio and some titles at the end.

      Now, what I want to do is have a perfect version that I could watch on my pc.

      I used Mp4, h 264 to compress the video and it is the one on youtube.

      I believe that this compressor only support 8 bit color because there is some banding in the sky.


      Now, I to make a version that is very high quality that I can watch on my pc... I tried several codecs and it doesn't work.

      The problem is as long as there is something on top of the png sequence in premirere pro like an image or something, it is as if

      the whole image shift into 8 bit color mode.


      This is using Avi Lagarith lossless codec

      Before there is an image on top...


      Right after the image appears... As you can there is some banding on this image.

      I know it is subtle but I want to know why it happens.


      Is there something that I'm missing... I took way too much time trying to fix this.