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    Problem with .MOV


      Hi everyone,


      I'm having an issue with .mov files in After Effects. Here is my system:


      Windows 7 64 bits

      Sabertooth X58

      Intel i7 920 @2.67GHz

      Nvidia GTX 640

      12 GB Corsair DDR3

      Adobe CS6


      The problem: Some .MOV files I play in After Effect look corrupted:




      When I play them, it they make my computer bug until it freezes or shows a Bluescreen. But the files aren't corrupted as they play without problem on VLC (independant from Quicktime). The problem also happens in Premiere and even Quicktime (Quicktime version: 7.7.4 (1680.86)). I can work without problem with some .MOV so I checked the codec of the different files. "Apple PNG" and "Apple Photo JPEG" are making my system crashing. But I can play, work with or export "avc1" without any trouble.


      The other day I actually noticed a similar problem in Nuke. I worked with another .mov file (avc1) without any issue but once I tried to render it to a .MOV file (Apple PNG), the rendered files had the same kind of corrupted-looking (lines and sometimes green screen). When I export it in a normal png-sequence there was no problem.



      Already tried but didn't solve:

      - updating to last graphic drivers

      - reinstall Quicktime

      - reinstall an older version of Quicktime

      - updating DirectX (I already had last version)

      - try with or without CUDA in After Effects

      - try to load the .mov from another harddisk

      - set Quicktime to "Safe mode (gdi)" (doesn't help for After Effects)

      - try to convert the file to a png sequence in Quicktime (crashed after rendering a few frames)



      Has anyone an idea?



      Thanks in advance!







      #update 1:

      - Tried to convert a ".mp4" file to an ".mov Apple PNG". Then I convert it again to a ".mp4" with Wondershare Video Converter (the errors do not happen with that software). I can be play without problem on VLC that last ".mp4".

      - Tried to play an ".avi" file in Quicktime: system crash.

      - Tried to preview an ".mov Apple PNG" in half resolution in AE: system crash.

      - Tried to export a ".mov Apple PNG" to an ".AVI" and an ".mp4 H264": It exported but the files aren't playable in any soft (including VLC and Wondershare Video Converter). I did the same process to a ".mov Apple PNG", it freeze Windows.


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          Sakat Level 1

          I added more details, see update#1

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you're experiencing the same issue in Nuke and in Quicktime, it certainly seems like it's an issue with Quicktime itself. I was about to ask you what exact version of AE you had, since AE just had a recent bug fix update (11.0.3) for CS6, but this seems more systemic.

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              Sakat Level 1

              I checked and I have the last version (

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                Sakat Level 1

                Today I tried to uninstall all Apple softwares, clean the register with CCleaner, delete Apple folders in Appdata (local, locallow, roaming), Flash the bios of my motherboard, reboot and then only reinstall the last version of Quicktime. And I tested all the advanced settings in Quicktime: safe mode (GDI), Directdraw acceleration, Direct3D acceleration. No result... I could play a "avc1 .mov" in Quicktime. That's all.


                Last month I formated and reinstalled Windows. Before formatting I had no problem with these files. I didn't change anything in the hardware. So there must be something missing/corrupt in some codecs used by Quicktime or the way Quicktime renders these codecs.


                I searched but couldn't get any result for a link to download a Windows version of ApplePNG codec...



                Is there anyone who has an idea because I'm really getting stuck..

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Do you have any third-party codecs or programs besides Adobe on this system?

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                    Sakat Level 1

                    I have VLC, Quicktime etc.. but no particular third-party codec.