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    A question about Thunderbolt Raid 0's as drives for Premiere


      Hi all,


      I've had a browse through the forum, and found some material relating to this topic, but I'm looking for a definitive as possible answer to this.


      I've just left the company I used to work for, and I've begun to set up a small editing suite at home for freelance work. I've always had engineers build me workstations in the past, so I'm a little lost. I, so far, have the follwing hardware:


      iMac 27" (late 2012)

      32gb RAM

      i7 3.4ghz

      1 x 1tb internal 7200rpm drive

      1 x 4tb Lacie Raid 0 Thunderbolt drive


      I'm thinking about going for the classic 3 drive structure: 1.) Internal drive for apps, 2.) 1 x drive for media, and 3.) 1 x drive for previews, cache et al.


      My question then, finally, is can I use these Thunderbolt Raid 0 drives as my drives 2.) and 3.)? I ran a speedtest on my current Lacie, and it was pretty impressive. I just don't want to go out and get another one to find that it's not up to the tasks I need it for above.


      Thanks in advance for any of your help.