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    Drawing Board Q from a Flash Beginner

    Athos 3
      Good even all,

      I'm a little new to flash so please forgive my naive questions...

      I am creating a 'drawing board' using the following code and would like to make it more functional


      // 2. EVENTS
      _root.onMouseDown = function(){
      this.onMouseMove = function(){
      _root.onMouseUp = function(){
      this.onMouseMove = null;

      1. I would to make it so that this works on a toggle (on/off) button press and not straight away.

      2. How do I constrain the proprtions of the drawing area so it only works on one part of the project?

      3. is it possible to create a resizeable circle (hollow like an ' 0 ') as a separate drawing tool so that someone can highlight a certain area on my drawing board with a button click?

      I know these might be simple but I'm only just starting out in Flash and any programing language for that matter.
      Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.