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    How to select all clips for one camera in multicam sequence?

    Sijimo9 Level 1


      Let's say i have a multicam sequence with 6 cameras and i just finished my edit. And i want to select all clips for camara 4 which is constantly shaky to apply Warp Stabilizer for all "MC4" clips at once.


      Right now i have to scroll through my edit to manually find these "MC4" clips and change their label color. It's not a pleasant job when you have 2 hours long composition with ~1500 multicam cuts. When i'm done i use "Clip\Label\Select label group" and apply Warp Stabilizer to my selection

      The reason why i'm applying Warp Stabilizer to them all at once is because it's a very CPU intensive process, and while it's working on them all i can have 2-3 hours of free time to do some other things in life. 


      So maybe someone knows a method how to select all "MC4" clips at once without time consuming manual review?