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    Can't open Alexa ArriRaw


      Hello, I'm trying to import two ArriRaw sequences into After Effects.

      After reading this thread, I have been attempting to import one file from the first ArriRaw sequence.


      I get the following dialogs:


      After Effects has encountered an error.



      I press Continue.


      After Effects can't continue: An input contract violation has occurred!


      I press OK.


      After Effects error: file 'A005C007_131025_R6PR.00000.ari' cannot be imported – this 'ARRI' file is damaged or unsupported.


      I press OK


      Another dialog box opens asking if I want to save the project before AE has to quit.


      Running After Effects CC on Mac OSX 10.8.5

      Mac Pro 2x2.26 quad-core Intel Xeon, 32GB RAM


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.