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    No animation in browser, just blank


      I created a simple banner with a couple of basic animations. I never even touched any code. Only basic images are used, no triggers, no symbols.


      If I preview within Animate, everything works fine.


      As soon as I hit ctrl+enter to preview in my browser, everything just stays blank.

      I checked in multiple browsers, all have the same result with no errors in console.


      Autoplay is turned on.


      I have no idea what else could be causing this, any help would be very much appriciated.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Can you post your project for us to look at?  Zip up everything in your project folder and post it to a file sharing site like Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.





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            Boebi Level 1

            Sorry for the late reply, I did find out what the problem was by now.


            For some reason, nothing is displayed in the browser if the FILEPATH contains '_728x90'. Not even just the filename, I mean the entire filepath.


            I figured it out when remaking the banner for the 4th time and testing in the browser after every step (but not saving, it was the 4th time I was redoing it..). It always worked and I was glad I finally made it to the end. Then I saved the file under a useful name and then it stopped working again. So I renamed it and found out that that was the problem.

            I then figured, well if I cant put the resolution in the filename I'll rename the project folder to include it. It broke again.


            I have to add: My other banner which is 338x280 has no issues at all. I can put '_338x280' in the filename without any issues. However '_728x90' breaks it.


            Figured I should let the Adobe / the internet know. This problem drove me near mad, I hope Adobe can fix this soon and in the meanwhile people could find the problem here.

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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              Glad you got it to work.  I'll look into _728x90 - was it the name of the composition?