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    Content lost on export to ePub using structure


      I have a DTD and some XML in Indesign CC. I have placed the “body” section of the structure in the layout and have exported the file as an epub ensuring that I have the “Same as XML Structure” in the Content Order drop-down menu selected.


      Everything exports as expected and I get to see the epub in Adobe Digital Editions.

      Now, I drag one “fig” element to the layout from the structure pane and I get a text frame with the caption. I have created a text-wrap around the fig text frame and placed it at the bottom of a page.


      When I now export to epub, I don’t get the fig contents appearing at all! The caption has disappeared. The fig element is still in the same spot in the structure. I have just placed it in the layout out of order of the other elements in the page layout. Yet it is lost on exporting to epub.


      What is driving me nuts is the fact that in another file, in which I have used the exact same method, the exact same DTD, the fig elements are exported to the epub without a problem. Obviously not in the same order as the layout, but they DO appear in the epub.


      Yet again, in other file, same DTD, same method, NO fig contents appears in the epub.

      What is going on? I don’t understand what it is that I am doing wrong. Any ideas as to what might be causing this inconsistency?


      I did mean to attach some screen shots but I don’t see any way of uploading them with this post.