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    Saving issues in Flash cs5.5


      Hi there,


      I've been having an inconvenient issue with Flash 5.5 since I've started using it.  I'll be working in a file - usually on the large size, but nothing insane - and I'll go to save, and Flash won't let me.  (It gives some sort of error message stating it's unable to save.)  So I try saving a new version - nope, same error message. 


      Then, I close out flash, unable to save anything, and I go to open my file again - oh look!  There it is, saved just fine.  And there's the new verison I saved, also fine. 


      Usually I end up working in the new version, but as the file gets larger, this tends to happen almost every save which - having worked in broadcast animation for 9+ years - is something I've been conditioned to do every couple of minutes on average.  Which means every couple of minutes, I have to save a new version, wait, close out flash, re-open flash, find the new file...It's a realy pain, and I'd like to fix it.  Is there a patch I can download, or another solution?


      Thanks in advance.