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    no 100% video level

    m-sanchez Level 1

      If I put a Level Limiter Filter on my Sequence in Premiere-CC - set on 100% maximum Luma und Chroma level - in my sequence everything looks fine on vectorscope and waveform.

      If I render that sequence out to mxf and reimport it in premiere-cc looking at vectorscope and waveform - the black and white levels exceed a litte bit out of range - is that a bug or a feature I don't understand?!

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          shooternz Level 6

          Someone else mentioned this recently with same media and workflow.


          Do you have ability to open the file in another facilty to check scopes?


          Test your sequence with another export format . eg avi, QT, Pro res...


          Test a clip with Color Bars with no Filter and with  Filter.

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            I've brought this problem up with my editors and reported it to Adobe.  It was there in early CS6 but they fixed it by CS 6.0.3 but it has reappeared in Premiere CC. 


            I have two pictures of the reference monitor, one is a timeline before the .mxf export.  One is after.  It is clear that Black lower than what is in the original is either being created or something during the export.  It doesn't happen if I export to any other format.


            I have to flatten all my timelines, then take in to CS6.0.3 for final render now.  The rendered .mxf from CS6 looks identical to the original.Before mxf export.pngexported mxf.png

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              shooternz Level 6

                It doesn't happen if I export to any other format.

              That is probably pointing the issue at mxf or the way Premiere handles mxf.

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                Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                The forthcoming Premiere Pro CC update includes a fix for an issue with levels and gamut in MXF OP1a encodes. I can't promise that it addresses exactly the problem you're encountering, but I like the odds.

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                  UmbCorp Level 1

                  That would be great, Mark.  It definitely got broken again between 6.0.3 and CC.