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    My tool bar plus other things have suddenly stopped working




      I have Adobe CS6, all products seem to work fine but since yesterday InDesign has gone all weird.


      1. When I opened InDesign the UI was huge, only part of it could fit on the screen.  I've changed my screen resolution to compensate for this but of course this has impacted on other programs etc.

      2.  All menus and text look slightly blurry.  In all other programs everything looks fine.

      3. I cannot use the Tools bar.  I cannot click on anything.  The tiny triangles to the bottom right of each tool icon does not expand the item.  I can't zoom/use the pen took, draw shapes, anything.

      4. If I open a previously created document I'm unable to change swatch colours, or create a new swatch.


      Is this a bug?  Should I uninstall InDesign and reinstall it?


      Please can anyone help, I'm in the middle of some work for a client and cannot go any further with it.