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    Text Cut Out

    JadeImHungry Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am currently trying to cut out a word from another word in Illustrator. I have managed to do this several times before but both options I have used in the past simply are not working for me today.


      Logo Email Size.png

      As you can see from the attached image, I have 'cut out' the word 'I'm' from the word 'hungry'. (You can see straight through to what ever colour, fabric etc is underneath the logo).


      Today I am trying to update my logo and the usual methods aren't working for me.


      1. Type > Create Outlines > Divide

      2. Object >Compound Path > Make


      Usually I can simply delete the 'cut out' text from the image but I keep receiving an error messages that I don't understand.


      1. "The filter cannot complete because more than one object is selected"

      2. "Can't make a compound path. All objects in a compound path must be paths, and they cannot be brushed or part of an object."


      I am a complete novice and I have never encountered these erros before. What used to be a simple 3 step cut out comand is now a nightmare. I must be doing something wrong, maybe I have missed a step and not realised?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          You don't writ, if your text is outlined or not? – It should not!

          You don't know WHICH pathfinder you are using? Window > Pathfinder?


          I would do so:

          1. Write ”hungry”.
          2. Write ”I’m” in a seperate object
          3. Open pathfinder window (Window > Pathfinder)
          4. Select both text objects
          5. Hold down Alt-Key (keep holding)
          6. Click on the button to exclude intersection or the second button)
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            Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



            What happens if you just Type>Create Outline, then Direct Select the h and the I'm and Pathfinder>Minus front?


            You may do it all in fewer steps and keep everything editable, as follows:


            1) Create and place the words hungry (in red, just insert your intended colour with Fill on top of Stroke at the bottom of the Toolbox) and I'm (in white or black);


            No need to Type>Create Outlines, keeping it live Type will let you edit freely;


            2) Select both hungry and I'm and in the Transparency flyout tick Make Opacity Mask with Clip and Invert Mask unticked (for white) or unnticked (for black).


            If you need to edit text, colour, or whatever, just tick Release Opacity Mask in the Transparency flyout, then edit, then repeat 2).