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    I am using a trial version of lightroom 5


      Hi I am using a trial version of five. I completed my work on 12 images and exported the images to a hard drive for printing.

      a export result block appears with this notation. NO RENDERED PHOTO EXISITS ON DISK (2}  the last two images have failed

      to download. I saved these images to the orignal file but nothing happened. I tried to download these two images again to lightroom

      but the system says that these images are on file.

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          elie-d Level 4

          Unless you are sending the images to a lab for printing, a better workflow for home printing would be to print directly from LR without saving (exporting) a rendered file.


          As to why you are not seeing the exported files if you saved them in the original folder, they may be stacked with the original image previews. Check that all stacks are collapsed. If you view the folder in Explorer/Finder are they in the folder?

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            EdwinF Level 1

            Thanks yes they are going to photo printing company.

            I just complteted another file and this time only one of 14 images was transferred.

            So I tried this.   I exported the images back to the orignial folder, checked the source found a seperate saved folders showing jpegs.  all 14.   I opened a few, and the preview folder opened the images. So I then transferred them directly to the usb disk( hard drive )

            and this message came up?

            The finder cannot complete the operation because some data in "DS_Store cannot be read or written.

            ERROR CODE 36.

            have been working like this for  since I purchased my first lightroom package. also I do not download from the card into lightroom I first save my file to a Hard Drive and import from there.