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    need to get frutiger font

    gib65 Level 1



      I'm trying to edit a PDF document in Acrobat XI Pro and the font of the next is frutiger. However, I don't have frutiger in my selections of fonts. So my problem is that I can't add or edit text in the same font as the original text, and it ends up looking bad. Obviously, it knows what frutiger text is since it is able to display it, but I'm not sure where it's getting it from. It could be some folder on my harddrive other than the default font folder (C:\Windows\Fonts) or it could be imbedded in the file itself. I'm not sure.


      In any case, I need the same frutiger font to be available to me in the font drop down menu. How can I get this font? Can I download it? Is there some folder it is likely to be in? Is there a way to extract it from the file itself?


      Thanks for any forthcoming help.