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    how to add color adjustment to a mask


      im trying to make an adjustment to one section of my footage. i'm not sure how to do it.

      i followed other instructions elsewhere about making a mask on a solid and then linking the solid to a null object, which has tracking footage (i was thinking i could motion track a mask?)


      so i did that, but tracking motion doesnt work, the mask moves everywhere so i went in and moved the mask points at keyframes, which was annoying.


      but now i can't add adjustments to the solid where the mask is. i turned the solid into an adjustment layer but adding color correction adjustments doesnt work.


      i have to use after effects by the way. and im a newb with AE so please explain things simply.

      hope my question makes sense


      basically tl:dr i need to color correct one section (or the masked part) of my footage. how can i do that in AE?


      also is there an easier way to motion track something that goes completely off screen or out of the comp window? cause its a handheld shot and theres like a pan, and im trying to track the mask but it doesnt really work or stay around the area it needs to.

      the null kind of stays in place but the mask doesnt and its parented to the null.