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    AE "newbie" needs help with effect - (please!)

    shiffsportsmarketing Level 1

      Hi all:


      I'm working on a highlight video of my daughter - she's the goalie for her H.S. Lacrosse team.  I recently bought the Creative Cloud subscription. I'm editing the video in Premiere Pro CC on an iMac - OSX 10.7.5.


      I'm putting together a short intro/open, and trying to add some effect to my daughter in the clip shown below.  She is running/jumping - I want to be able to isolate just her and add some sort of color effect, a glow (or even just make everything else b&w).  Obviously, my problem is with masking or roto brushing.  I've spent many hours (probably too many!) watching tutorials and reading the help articles -- and I just can't seem to get it right.  I saw a video talking about the much anticipated October update - and wondering if the new Mask Tracker will do what I need/want?


      Here is the clip - (my daughter is #11 - the only one wearing a helmet)



      Thanks in advance for any guidance/help/suggestions you can provide,