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    Parsing over pound sign in facebook connect URL


      I am trying to create a facebook connect page and am getting stuck at a seemingly triffle issue because I cannot parse correctly.


      I send my information to Facebook for authentication


      https://graph.facebook.com/oauth/authorize?type=user_agent&client_id=xxxxxxx&redirect_uri= http://mydomain.com/mypage.cfm&scope=read_stream,offline_access


      Facebook authenticates the user and sends back the access_token which is needed for all calls thereafter to the redirect_uri page in the following form




      Now, I need to get the access_token so I can make the subsequent calls, but I am not able to extract the value of the access_token using coldfusion. It seems like a very easy thing but I am stuck at this point. If it was of the usual "?access_token=xxxx" form then it would have been a piece of cake but the pound sign is preventing me from parsing it.


      Anyone have any idea?