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    supporting FLV...any specific server requirements?

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      Out organization has had limited use for online video. In the past, we've
      mainly been offering this in WMV format via a streaming media server.

      Now that more internal folks are using products like captivate, and that FLV
      is becoming increasingly a defacto video format on the web, we want to look
      at offering FLV as an option.

      To do this does one need/or should we have a dedicated streaming server of
      some sort? Or can one simply upload FLV files to a standard server (We're
      using IIS) and access them via flash front ends?

      Speaking of flash front-ends, are there any relatively 'standard' flv
      'players' that we could incorporate into our CMS to allow for the inclusion
      of specific FLV files on a page-by-page basis?