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    Can I create a Table of Contents (CS6) in a separate document of book file?

    ktroth Level 1

      I'm helping someone create an ebook. He has three separate sections of his book so there are three files that make up the Indesign book. I currently have a table of contents at the beginning of each of the three sections and when I pdf the book, it works great. But when I export it as a Kindle ebok, only the TOC for the very first section works. I don't know how to fix it so that I can have multiple TOCs so if anyone knows, I would welcome advice on that! Otherwise I was thinking of just having one TOC in a separate file so my book would be made of a TOC and then the three sections of the book. But when I create a new document and try to add a TOC, it won't do it because the doc is blank. I'm sure there must be a way to have a separate document for a TOC that is actually functional when the book is exported.


      I hope this makes sense!