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    marquee tool not working

    Patrick Newberry

      I think I accidently activated a keyboard shortcut which effected the behavior of the marquee tool. Here's the issue and steps to explain.

      1. Have been using the fireworks marquee tool for years and never had this issue.

      2. Working on jpg file.

      3. Select image.

      4. Switch to marquee tool (M)

      5. Drag out a selection

      6. Relese (this is where I would normally see the selected area)

      7. The rectangle selection area is not visiable.

      8. I have edges checked (not sure if this is required but it is selected)

      9. I also have the rulers turned on. When I release the selection, I can't see the dashed line, rectangle area that I have selected but in the ruller area (top of my screen) I now see a highlighted portion of the ruler that matches the width of my selected area.


      Please help. I need to see the selection rectangle area in order to know if I have selected the percise area that I want to cut from the image.


      Update: Never mind. I restarted Fireworks several times and now it's working again. When all else fails, as my buddy Randy Sullivan MPT of the ARMory Pitching Academy (former nuclear tech) always says, cycle power!