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    When will we see the 12.1 release? Will it make the raytrace engine more stable?

    donbarrum Level 2

      Hi, I´m in a middle of a project were I´m using the ray traced engine a lot. Especially when all my layers are visible or when rendering the project the ray trace engine crashes a LOT. So I have to work extremely careful to pull it off. I´ve read some of the release notes for 12.1 and it seems some of these issues may be fixed? Also it seems like a very common problem.

      I´m using OSX with an 2012 iMac with 680MX. I know the card isnt supported in the current version of AE, but without using the gpu the rendering takes 7 hours instead of 30 mins per clip, so I had to add it to the list of supported cards.


      I cross my fingers these problems have been sorted in 12.1 and I hope its going to be release in the nearest days? Anyone knows?