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    How to open RH6 project in RH5?

    Linux Rules Level 2
      A colleague has an RH6 project that he wants me to edit but I only have RHx5 available.

      Can I open an RH6 project in RH5, edit it, save it and then have him import back into RH6? If so, how? (Yes, I know I could use Go To My PC and use his workstation remote but that is last resort.) Anything that is a "gotcha"?

      The Search function of the forum leaves a bit to be desired...I tried.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Classic Yes and No.

          You can open it. You can edit it. Will it break something? Maybe.

          Here's how. Safest to compile a CHM first even if you don't want it. Update the HHP file. Trash the CPD and XPJ files and use the HHP to open the project in X5.

          In the topic on Opening Projects on my site, I set out what gets lost and how it is easily recreated. I don't know about variables that got introduced in RH6.

          Maybe if you are not editing too many topics, you could just replace those files in your colleagues copy using Windows Explorer?

          Backups everywhere!

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            Linux Rules Level 2
            Good Morning Peter -

            Thanks for your detailed reply. I'll ask my colleague if he wants me to try your method or if he just wants to do the GoToMyPC route. If I needed to edit straight html text it I could do the copy/edit/paste method. However, his problems are with drop-text entries that aren't working - the drop-text was not issued a proper ID so a widget with drop-text may have:


            ... but the ID in the code doesn't call "POPUP383880226":


            ... should be:


            That means the Access database file will likely not have the correct entry and will revert to "broken" every time he generates.


            Thanks again.