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    Why is Cineware not exporting camera data from AE to C4D Lite?

    efwells101 Level 1

      (To preface, I've searched forums, Adobe help, and followed many tutorials.)


      I have a live shot that I have 3D Camera Tracked using the built in AE plugin. I select 'Create new Camera and Solid'. AE creates a new 3d tracked camera and a solid. I save my comp. I go to 'File-Export-Maxon C4D', and create a new .c4d file. I import that file to AE, and put it in my comp. I go to 'Edit--Edit Original...'. C4D Lite opens up. I can see a new null, with a plane and camera inside. Everything looks great, but the camera has no animation on it. Upon closer inspection, I realize that none of the keyframes from my AE camera have been exported to my C4D camera.


      I've tried exporting a new camera to C4D in as many ways as I can think of. The other strange thing was that the 'Merge Camera' button in the Cineware plugin in AE is grayed out, no matter how many new cameras I make. I've even made my own cameras and animated them without using the 3d Tracker plugin and it never exports correctly. I've also tried reinstalling C4D Lite. Thoughts?


      Thanks in advance!


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