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    Can't see info typed into fillable pdf: See Below


      I created pdf forms using adobe forms central.

      1. )    I have the pdf I created using FormsCentral on my desktop
      2. )    I do a file save as pdf, so I can change the name of the document while still saving my blank original pdf document.
      3. )    I write into my fillable saved as pdf doc and then email it to a coworker. The file size at this point is around 67 KB
      4. )    This coworker opens up file and does a save as so they can rename it and save it to their desktop.
      5. )    This coworker than adds information to the document by tying into the fillable pdf doc.
      6. )    They email the document back to me
      7. )    When I receive the document it is now 1 MB, Also I can only see what I wrote into the doc before I emailed it to her. However if I print the document everything she typed in shows up on the printed document. Or If I click in each field that you can type in the words or numbers she typed in show up but only in the field I’m clicking my mouse in
      8. )    My question is would you say this is a user issue or an issue with the form itself, perhaps a bug.