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    InDeisgn 6 Outputs Images One Pixel Too Big


      This is a very odd thing. I output about 2000 images based on specific page multi-page sizes across multiple Indesign pages each month for an interactive magazine. I've used this work flow with InDesign 6 for more than a year without a problem. When I installed InDesign Creative Cloud on my machine, all of a sudden my INDD documents are randomly outputting these image files one pixel too large. You can laugh, what's a pixel, but in my process everything had to be a specific size or the whole end product breaks.


      If I open these INDD files using InDesign CC they output perfectly. I know the obvious solution is to use CC but that causes other work flow problems. So my ideal solution is to continue using ID 6.


      Does anyone have a similar problem or have an idea what could cause this problem? I ran a test where I deleted all the content off the pages and output the files and got the same results so I know it is not a problem associated with the content on each page.


      Thanks in advance!