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    Please help. Can't open doc from network, and Links missing & can't be updated/


      Hi everyone, I appreciate your help...

      When I try to open an indesign document that is stored on my employers network i get the error:
      "Adobe Indesign may not support the file format, a plugin may be missing that supports the file format may be missing, or the file may be open in another application"

      When I move the document to my local desktop I can open the file, but then when i export as a PDF all of the links are missing and replaced with gray boxes. I checked the links, and they are all there, but i still tried to re-link them anyway. When i did this, I got the error "Import failed"


      I recently updated my mac to maverick, this is the first time i've used InDesign since the update. I just ran the most recent indesign cs5 software update in case that was the problem. that didn't fix it.


      I am on CS6.


      update: when I move all my linked files to my desktop they now show up when updated. it just appears that the issue now is that I cannot open files when I'm on the network. i get the error (typed out above), and linked files dont work if they are stored on the server.


      Thanks again