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    Blue color for selected text


      Hello, is any way to change blue color for selected text which is the same as for invisible characters? When I select text all unvisible characters are realy unvisible... In old ID selected text was black and invisible characters inside was orange. Many thx for help... Ilja

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You'd have to change the highlight color using the operating system

          which is what InDesign CC now uses for highlighting.

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            cadispraha Level 1

            I am sorry, I forgot the info, that I am usign the same system for CC and for CS6... Ilja

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              cadispraha Level 1

              For sure I tried to use "select text" in Illustrator CC on the same system (windows 7) and selected text is black too...

              Many thx for help



              I must agree with the post about very slowly ID CC. I tried the same indd files in CS6 and CC and CC is slowly in large documents (500 pages and more), for ex. find/replace, but when document is near its end (aprox 80-100 pages) ID CC is much faster than at the start of document. Now I am working on large doc (540 pages) with many headers (aprox 3-4 on each page) and when I want change space for non-breaking space on pages between 1-100, this takes sometimes more than 2 seconds!!! Only simple space change - no styl change etc.
              I think that I am using fast PC (Intel i7, 16GB RAM, SSD disks - cache is on separated mSATA 30GB SSD), all doc are located inside PC, no external drives for normal day work) and I never seen these lags on CS6. Doesn't matter if I using ID CC 32 od 64 bit - it is aprox the same.