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    Inner shadow box with paper fill overprinting?

    33 Steps Level 2

      (Mac Pro 4,1 / 2.66 GHz Quad/12G InDesign: CS6 / Ver. 8.0.2)


      I have 2 boxes filled with paper and Inner shadow effect with black (created in InDesign), Background is a 4 color linear gradient (left is 4c green, middle is paper, right 4c green) from Illustrator.


      The Inner shadow box that is close to the top of gradient (more green than white) is ok.


      The Inner shadow box that sits on the paper fill of the gradient, appears to be overprinting, thus no paper fill.


      I have check fills of the Inner shadow box in InDesign, to make sure it is not overprinting.


      I have tried some tricks but nothing works.


      Ideas anyone?