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    Error 9: when running f4fpackager

    EastMan Level 1

      Can someone take a look at the following command and tell me why I am getting error 9(listed below).


      f4fpackager --input-file=sample1_700kbps.f4v --license-server-url=http://license.domain.com --transport-cert=phds_production_transport.der --license-server-cert=phds_license_server.der --packager-credential=phds_production_packager.pfx --credential-pwd=  --policy-file=phds_policy.pol --common-key=common-key.bin --content-id=testing


      Here is the error:

      Error 9: Usage:F4fpackager --input-file=<file> --[setting]=[arg]...


      if you are wondering about --credential-pwd, I dont know what password I can enter. I am not aware that there is a password.


      I am using the following link as a guide to using f4fpackaging.


      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/HTTPStreaming/1.0/Using/WS9463dbe8dbe45c4c-c126f3b1260533756d- 7ffc.html.