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    CS5 tools now expand on single click, not click+hold - new issue.


      Hi there Adobenauts,


      I've had to reinstall CS5 after a new Windows installation.  Never had a problem with it before, but now I have the issue where if I click on a tool that has sub-tools, it now expands to show them.  Before, to access them, I had to click and hold for them to appear.  Now with them expanding on the first click, it's interrupting my work flow.


      Additional issues have arisen while I'm here, such as, when doing web work, I'll change the rectangular marquee to single pixel horizontal (e.g.), make the selection, do what I want with it, then press M to adjust another single pixel line, but it'll return to the full rectangular marquee, like it resets.


      I'm running a test at the moment with Open GL disabled, to test drivers or display issues, but it's doing the same thing.


      My System:


      Windows 7 Ultimate 64

      AMD Phenom 2 X2 550 3.1GHz

      4GB RAM

      AMD Radeon HD7800.