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    PSE to PS - Migration Advice for Project Bin


      My wife is a longtime PSE user.  She heavily leveraged the 'Project Bin' feature.  Most of her PSE work was digital scrapbooking.  She would look through her scrapbook files and use the Project Bin as a container to hold items that she may or may not want to use. 


      We understand that the Project Bin is not a feature of PS, and we are open to alternative work flows.  Right now all my wife's scrap book files are just organized and color coded in Finder using smart folders. 


      I did some Googling on this and I found a couple references stating that 'Project Bin is not part of PS.  You need to use Bridge.'  That's fine, but we don't know Bridge, and would like a little more information on how to make this a smooth migration. 


      Thank you