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    Audio edit not correct - audio double

    JBourgoin Level 1

      I made a recording with Presenter 9

      I edit the audio.  I just cut some silence... When I listen to the audio in the editor, everything is fine.

      When I export my presentation, Presenter export 1 audio file per cut that I have made.


      For example, on slide 2, I have 1 minute of audio

      I made 2 cuts...(to remove 5 sec of silence two times) so now the file is 50 seconds long

      In the audio editor, I have a 50 seconds audio clips that play correctly

      When I export my presentation, I have 3 audios overlaping each other and the duration of the slide is like 30 seconds (the duration of the longest audio part)


      That issue was not in previous version of Adobe Presenter...


      How to correct that ???